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What the Eff?

I love to run. I love the wind in my hair, the way it makes all the lights and buildings swirl together in ever shifting kaleidoscopes but I especially love to run when I'm being chased. There's nothing more fun to me then out running my brothers who are older and supposedly faster. Ha! No one is as fast as I am, no one catches me! Except maybe my Sire who's not playing tonight. He told me he has more important things to do then play Tag with a fledge but I know he didn't mean it as an insult. He doesn't want to play because he wants me win and to piss off Mohinder while I do it. That's his favorite game and Tag is mine.


I turn hard around the corner, intending to run into the park where I'll have better cover from the air. Peter cheats when he knows he's going to lose and has taken to flying rather then running when we all play. Suddenly the gray and brown of the park entrance flashes lightening blue, knocking me off of my feet. I hit the ground with a heavy grunt landing with both knees in a puddle that wasn't there a moment ago. In fact it wasn't raining a moment ago either, we don't play Tag in the wet as it causes too many accidents and injuries.


What the effing hell? I look around in shock at the alley I landed in, wiping my scraped palms against my pants as I stand. This is not the park entrance! Had Peter played a trick on me? No, he couldn't have. He wasn't allowed to use teleportation without permission. I make my way out of the deserted alley, wiping rain off of my face with the back of my dirty hand. Where the hell are Matt, Mohinder and Peter? More importantly, where the hell am I?




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