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What I need to be
After my encounter with Sylar I sped to the Petrelli Mansion, intending to shout for Peter. I was so mad at him for not telling me about Sylar being with Nathan, I felt betrayed ... let down. Alone. Once I got there I realized I didn't want to see Peter at all. I didn't want to him to get that guilty look on his face and I sure as hell didn't want to hear him say he was sorry, that he didn't realize it would bother me or that he forgot. I didn't want it because none of it, nothing he said or did was going to make me feel better.

Sylar was with his Nathan, Peter was with his Nathan and I ... am on my own. I have no family here, not like what I had at home. Peter would try and I know his damn heart is so big that he cares what happens to me but it's just not the same. He's not my real Sire, he's not mine and I am not his. With him is not where I belong, just seeing the Sylar from his world showed me that.

He said something that's stuck with me about not putting up with my behavior and that my Sire wouldn't either. He was right. If Sylar saw me right now he would be ashamed. All of my emotional outbursts, depending on Peter of all people to stabilize me and making my Pet take care of me. It was unacceptable behavior for a Petrelli, especially a Childe of Sylar.

To hell with all of it, I'm done. It's time to accept that I'm stuck in this fucking world, to stop wishing someone would come along and rescue me. Time to grow the fuck up and stand on my own two feet.

Part Two


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