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Vortex Posts
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Where'd Everybody Go? Daphne's arrival in a different universe then her own.

Dead People bite. (Damon's thread) Daphne meets Damon Moncrief.

Man(ticore) With A Plan. (Gabriel's thread) Daphne meets someone who looks familiar ... at first.

Can You Be Homesick If You're Standing Right In Front Of It? Daphne goes to the Petrelli Mansion and makes a mistake that changes everything. Naturally it involves someone named Peter Petrelli.

Asking For Help. (Peter's thread) Daphne and Peter go to his brother Nathan to fix their problem. They find out things are a little more permanent then they originally thought.

Back To The Hotel. Daphne goes back to Damon.

My Old Friend Jose Cuervo.
(Eden's Thread) Daphne goes to the Mansion to look for her wallet and ends up having a sort of slumber party with Peter and a new friend, Eden.

Affirmation. Daphne asked Peter for Sylar's address and she goes to see him, hoping he'll settle something in her mind. 


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