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Things to know about Daphne (Mun Post)
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Things to know about Daphne Millbrook-Petrelli.

- She's a vampire, which means she's strong, incredibly fast, heals quickly (though not Claire quick), has excellent night vision, hearing and a superior sense of smell. She drinks blood and being new craves it every few days but can last up to a week without getting sick. She's allergic to sunlight, not that it kills her but it does cause severe sunburn/skin blistering that will not heal until she has fresh blood. She only breathes once every hour or so and has a very slow pulse. She also has a reflection and can be caught on camera.
- She's a Petrelli, yep that's right a damned Petrelli, quite literally, too. She was owned as a human and then Sired into the Clan Petrelli as a vampire. Her Vampiro Famiglia (Vampire Family) includes all of the Petrellis (Angela, Arthur, Nathan, Peter and Claire) plus Sylar, Matt and Mohinder.

- She was Sired by Sylar who swooped in under Matt's nose and made her a Creature of the Night. She was previously Matt's favored Pet before Sylar interfered and now has issues with choosing between them both. They both use this to their advantage as often as possible. Insulting either one of them would likely cause trouble (or maybe some fun depending on how one looks at it, hehe).

- Her emotions shift as quickly as her feet. This is a bonus if she gets ticked off (unless an insult to her family was made then it's grudge city) or is cranky, it will blow over before long. Nathan didn't call her Sylar's Firecracker for no reason after all.

- She's young in terms of being a vampire (been one for less then a year) whichs means she's used to following not leading and many times goes with her instincts instead of her brain. She's also not used to being alone and just might cling to anyone poweful enough to catch her eye. This is actually a thing she'll grow out of as her abilities stabilize but for now she's a child and will occasionally act like one. This being said she could probably be manipulated by those wearing a familiar face for a while before she caught on.

Things I'd like to see happen for Daphne.

- For her to meet various alternates of her family, especially a Sylar or a Gabriel for maximum drama/fireworks though a Mohinder or a Claire could cause some interesting crankiness.

- For her to take blood from someone, willing or unwilling per Mun's choice.

-For someone to take her under their wing for good or ill, maybe one of each? I'm all for danger or drama if it occurs as long as there's an eventual way out of it, heh. I likes happy endings really.


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Hullo! I'm Eve, and I play piemaker!Elle, ghost!Elle, student!Charlie, pirate!Linderman, mogul!Claude, Alexandrine (OC with the power of persuasion), and Brenda (who can get senses, impressions, memories from holding objects).

Obviously, I can't help much with the alternates of her family, but she's free to suck anyone's blood she likes (except g!Elle, who doesn't have a body unless she possesses someone).

The best bet of my chars for someone nice to take care of her would be piemaker!Elle. She's in the habit of taking in random people whether they may be dangerous or not, feeding them, and probably wouldn't mind the bloodsucking if it meant it helped Daphne and such.

For drama, Alexandrine deserves to meet a bloodsucker because she's a spoiled and ultimately stupid girl, and Brenda is inquisitive and pushy and oftentimes rude and smart-assy. So yes. Not much, but a beginning.

Anyway, I'm at your disposal! I like happy endings, too, and Daphne is one of my favorite characters.

Hi, Eve, nice to meet you. =] I'm planning on doing Daphne's post tomorrow since I did Eden's today so feel free to jump in with anyone you want to, I'm open to any of your characters, heh. Thankfully though Daphne isn't coming out of the gate hungry just confused as hell and eventually scared. If you wanna deal with a babysitting a vampire more power to your Piemaker!Elle, lol.

Daphne's my fave,too second only to Sylar, hehe.

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